Be At Ease

                                             To Work With Elizabeth   

When you are ready to make a change, you will be guided to this work and you will know the time is right. There are a variety of ways we can work together.  I work with clients in-person, via Skype, and by telephone. I do not accept insurance.  Distance healing is a wonderful way to improve your health and well-being from the comfort of your own home. If you would like to work from a distance please indicate when you sign up for your session. 

New Clients Click here to fill out an Intake Form  that can be emailed or given to me upon your 1st visit.  

 My clients do all their own scheduling.  By clicking on the  "SCHEDULE" button below you will gain access to my calendar. Here you can choose a time of day that works best for you.

To schedule an in person, Skype or telephone session- click on the SCHEDULE button  
  •  1-hour session
  •  2-hour Session
  •  Package or promotion

Unraveling Life's Mysteries:  *FREE* -Click on the SCHEDULE button

  • A free gathering held every 3rd week of the month. 
  • An opportunity for you to get answers to life's most puzzling questions.
  • Guided discussions on well-being, spirituality, energy, nutrition, and healing will be offered
  • Meet like-minded people to share ideas and stories with.
  • Bring friends and family with you! 

Corporate Health and Wellness Programs:  Email me to schedule.  
  • Price is based on company size
  • My mission is to empower employees to lead a life of optimal well-being. 
  • My goal is for employees to discover how to love what they do and do what they love.
  • Improve productivity and have more satisfied work-life balance  
  • Each employee will gain insight on the following:
    • defining a clearer career path
    • strengthening inner motivation
    • establishing rewarding relationships
    • building greater resilience

Space Clearing: Email me to schedule Need help with keeping your office, home, or apartment clear of energy?  Have you been experiencing an energy that is making you feel uncomfortable, fearful, or scared?  No fear- I can help you have more peace and tranquility at any or all of these spaces. Please contact me at to talk more about clearing your space.