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Packages & Promotions

**April's  Friends and Family Promotion** 
Refer 2 Friends or Family Members & Receive 1- Hour on the House! 

One-Hour Packages:

One-hour sessions are aimed at empowering you to easily discover optimal health and happiness. If you are ready to make new discoveries and feel it's time to make changes in your life "Power Packed" will be a great starter package for you.

If you are interested in seeing results over a shorter period of time "Speed of Light" is perfect! I will assist you in uncovering any limiting beliefs and behaviors and create a healthier and happier YOU! You will walk away with new tools to experience balance in your life right away.  Click on the "SCHEDULE" button to book your package.

Power Packed- 3 One-Hour Sessions-$390

Speed Of Light-7 One-Hour Sessions-$875 

Two-Hour Packages:

Two-hour sessions are aimed at FULLY discovering the root of your imbalances. In "Out of This World" expect to gain a greater and deeper understanding of what is you are looking to let go of, change, and improve in your life. In these two hour sessions, we will clear you of the immediate issues you are struggling with and infuse your soul with light and love. 

If you're interested in establishing a solid foundation for HUGE shifts in your life quickly and easily you will enjoy the "Cosmic Shift" series. You will discover clarity and begin to walk with more freedom and ease with yourself. In these two-hour sessions, you will have a greater opportunity to work deeply and profoundly to clear away limiting beliefs and behaviors. Click the "SCHEDULE" button to book your package.

Out of This World- 3- Two-Hour sessions- $750

Cosmic Shift 7-Two-hour sessions- $1680

**Please note** It is preferred  when choosing a  package they are taken care of  at the time of scheduling.**  PayPal, Venmo, Credit, Debit, Cash or Checks Are Accepted. There is a 3% tax on transactions via PayPal or Point of Sale. Venmo, cash, or check are tax-free. 

" Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside dreams. Who looks inside awakens.”
—Carl Gustav Jung.