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Nourish the Soul Podcast

Thursdays 11 AM EST  on www.TalkRadio.NY C
To Nourish the Soul is to feed the essence of your being with love & light. It is through the process of uncovering the root of your life’s physical and emotional imbalances you gain the power to cultivate optimal health and well-being. Designed to help you clear away past pain and discover permanent solutions to living a life of true balance, vibrancy, and ease.

Nourish the Soul radio talk show at its core is about helping individuals understand the root of their life issues by bridging the mind and body to the desired lessons of the soul. Every Thursday afternoon host, Elizabeth Tripp, Owner & Founder of her private practice Nourish the Soul in NYC, captivates the audience by showcasing food & the body as extraordinary tools to illuminate the soul while growing, learning, and stepping into true freedom.

Listen in as Elizabeth is interviewed by Executive Producer of TalkRadio.NYC on the premiere show of Nourish the Soul. During this premiere you learn more about Elizabeth, her story, her gifts, and what Nourish The Soul radio talk show at is core is all about!

Join Elizabeth as she explores the conundrum of weight loss. Learn about how loving your body and knowing you are enough is 100% the cure for getting to a healthy body weight. Explore the spiritual and energetic perspective of weight and why we pack on pounds.

Once again, hear a powerful share from Elizabeth about her struggles with weight & body image and how she broke free from her past and shed the protection she carried for years.

Discover how chocolate is a tool to learn and grow on this wild journey called life. In this episode, you will learn how deep-rooted beliefs and unhealthy patterns of thought influence your relationship with chocolate and sweets.

Experience a special share from a listener about her struggles with chocolate. Come learn how Elizabeth cleared herself of needing validation from others and ultimately changed her relationship with chocolate and herself FOREVER!

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True power is living the realization that you are your own healer, hero, and leader"- yung pueblo