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Nourish the Soul Podcast

Thursdays 11 AM EST  on www.TalkRadio.NY C
To Nourish the Soul is to feed the essence of your being with love & light. It is through the process of uncovering the root of your life’s physical and emotional imbalances you gain the power to cultivate optimal health and well-being. Designed to help you clear away past pain and discover permanent solutions to living a life of true balance, vibrancy, and ease.

Every Thursday afternoon host, Elizabeth Tripp, Owner & Founder of her private practice Nourish the Soul in NYC, captivates the audience by showcasing food & the body as extraordinary tools to illuminate the soul while growing, learning, and stepping into true freedom.  

 What keeps you healthy and happy? Join Elizabeth Tripp as she explores the true source of optimal health and well-being. Is food what truly sustains your well-being and peace of mind? Is it possible to walk with radiance, optimal health, and have nutritive relationships while just watching what you eat?

JUST IN TIME FOR VALENTINES! If you truly love someone, you buy them chocolate, wine, and a dinner out — don’t you? Does food = Love?

 Have you ever had binge eating rituals with your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend? Or have you ever used alcohol to “loosen up” and “connect” with someone, and somehow ended up going overboard? Do you ever turn to food or alcohol when going through a break-up or a rough patch with a partner?

Join host, Elizabeth Tripp, as we dive deeper into the True Sustenance of Life and what it really means to walk in a truly nutritious relationship someone you love!

Are you ready to serve your SOUL the most DELICIOUS relationship you have ever had!

Have you ever picked up on someone’s vibe? Has it ever affected how you feel around them? Or have you ever eaten a food that weighed you down or made you feel heavy? I can guarantee you answered YES to at least one if not all of these questions!

Why? Because we are energy beings and the world we live in is made up of various vibrational frequencies. Are you interested in learning how to raise your vibration? Would you like to explore how doing this can help you lose weight, feel healthier, and attract new and exciting experiences in your life?!


True power is living the realization that you are your own healer, hero, and leader"- yung pueblo