" What You Think You Become"- Buddha ​​

   Client Testimonials

  1. Managing Director

"It's an honor and privilege to write this review about the True Nutritionist/ Light Body extraordinaire, Elizabeth! I've visited all kinds of healers, but I've been blessed to find comfort and results with Liz. She's just so poised, warm, open and genuine- that's what makes the difference in your experience with her. She relates to you and your situation. I can talk about my suffering for many lifetimes, but working with Liz has helped me clear deep, heavy blockages that I didn't even know lived in my soul. Energy work has awakened me and I am living and believing in the importance to stay true to yourself. If you're looking for other alternatives and are open minded to your healing and growth, you've come to the right place- with all good reason! Happy healing and blessings to all who this message reaches" -Client Gina 

"Elizabeth has an incredible gift. I've been working with her for a few months and already feel a very positive shift in my energy/my life. She has such a soft and caring energy about her and truly makes me feel happier and more energized after every session. I highly recommend her! " -Client Keisha 

"Elizabeth is a deeply knowledgeable Nutritionist, but more importantly a confident and truly empowering healer.  I highly recommend Elizabeth if you are looking to change not only your nutrition habits but
your mindset about life." -Client Colleen

"Elizabeth has been transformational in her capacity to help me clear my subconscious mind of long-held cyclical patterns of negative thought, and replace them with positive and productive patterns of conscious thought.  Not only has my time with Elizabeth helped me to see these benefits in the physical world but it has helped me to develop a more clear channel of communication with my intuition, and a clear recognition of the manifestation of superconsciousness in all the circumstances of my life.” -Client Adam

"I really got so much from the Unraveling Life's Mysteries meeting. It really helped me to think about the feelings behind my behavior and how to process those feelings rather than stuffing them down with food. It was very refreshing and rejuvenating to chat with other people who had similar experiences!" -Client Sam

"Elizabeth led us in a guided meditation at the end of the gathering. This felt lovely and peaceful, and I left feeling great! " -Client Aileen

"I've been seeing Nutritionists for about 15 years and Liz is by far the best. Liz doesn't just help me meal plan for each week (like every other Nutritionist I've seen), she has helped me get to the root of my food issues and given me the personalized tools to help me achieve success--in the nutritional, spiritual, and life aspects."  

  -Client Alexandra

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